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Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW)

LBBW is the LBBW Group's parent company. It covers the entire bandwidth of the capital markets business, and provides international banking services. It looks after the Groups supra-regional and international corporate customers, institutional customers and public institutions. It also fulfils control functions within the Group, keeping under its wing activities that support retail banking, as well as activities that do not require regional relations with customers. It also performs central clearing and service functions for the Group as a whole. One further important focus is its role as the central bank for the savings banks in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland Palatinate and Saxony.

Baden-Württembergische Bank (BW-Bank)

Its focus is on serving retail and corporate customers in its core market of Baden-Württemberg. The range of products for corporate customers is tailored to small and medium-sized companies, and includes payment settlement and asset management services, alongside other conventional financial services. The bank offers retail and investment clients long-term consulting services tailored to their needs, as well as a broad range of other products and services. BW Bank also functions as a savings bank for LBBW in the territory of the state capital of Stuttgart.

Sachsen Bank

Sachsen Bank is responsible for high net-worth customers and small to medium-sized corporate customers in Central Germany (Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony). It also co-ordinates the future market positioning of the LBBW group in Poland and the Czech Republic as far as the afore-mentioned business areas are concerned.

Rheinland-Pfalz Bank

Its core business segments comprise the corporate customer business and business with key accounts in Rhineland Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse, as well as business with selected institutional clients and private banking.


SüdLeasing s.r.o. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SüdLeasing GmbH, which is one of Germany's largest captive leasing companies. It has been successfully active on the market for about 40 years now and is also represented internationally. Besides the Czech Republic, it also has subsidiaries in Austria, Spain, Switzerland, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Romania and Russia. SüdLeasing covers the large volume equipment leasing segment within the LBBW group. This ranges from the leasing of various machines, plants and specialised technologies, which include locomotives and aircraft. Personal attention, dependability and maintaining close contact with customers is the foundation of its business.

Other Companies in the Group

Subsidiaries and associated companies complement the services provided by Landesbank Baden-Württemberg. The spectrum of services ranges from leasing and factoring, as well as managing specialized security funds and equity financing. This also includes rendering special financial services for local authorities and offering a comprehensive range of services in the real estate sector.

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