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Credit Products

We provide fast loans, mortgage loans, overdrafts, and credit cards. Credit can be obtained without collateral and guarantor. Choose the product that suits your needs best.

LBBW Loan (only in Czech)

Easy and fast general-purpose loan up to CZK 500,000.

LBBW MULTI Loan (only in Czech)

LBBW MULTI Loan is an intelligent credit product for refinancing your existing loans and debts.

Credit Card

Using our international chip credit card, you can repeatedly obtain funds up to your credit limit.

IQkredit - Overdraft

An overdraft facility allows you to withdraw funds from your current account up to the approved debit balance.

Credit Products

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September 2, 2014
Expobank LLC appoints new Board of Directors of LBBW Bank CZ
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September 2, 2014
Expobank LLC has completed the acquisition of LBBW Bank CZ
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