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Deposit Products

  • Term Deposit
    • Provided in CZK and in all major world currencies
    • Standard terms from 1 day up to 10 years
    • Clients can have several time deposits, with different maturities, in different currencies
    • A term deposit can be agreed on for a definite period of time or automatically renewed
    • minimum amount on the account: 0,5 mil CZK
  • Tabular Current Account Interest Rates
    • Possibility to set up 3 different zones, with a special interest rate, depending on the balance of your current account
    • Designed for clients that do not require frequent communication with the bank
  • Deposit Bill of Exchange
    • Client will benefit from a higher net interest due to the absence of contribution to the Insured Deposit Fund
    • Issued in CZK currency from the min. amount of CZK 30 million with the maturity from 2 weeks, depending on the amount of the deposit.
  • Treasury Sales
Deposit Products

Exchange Rate


Cash Purchase Sale

EUR 26.819 28.081

USD 19.434 20.348

GBP 32.656 34.194

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March 31, 2014
Change in the Lists of Fees and Commissions as of 1. 6. 2014
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January 6, 2014
The changes in Commission Agreement Amendment from March 1, 2014 - Time Table for LBBW Bank CZ a.s.
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